5 Keys to Renew Your Life and Church

Discover the 5 keys that will renew your spiritual life and the spiritual life of your church! Dwayne Moore explains these biblical steps during this interview on Moody Radio Florida.

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Planning Effective Worship That Flows

Discover the “secrets” to planning powerful corporate worship as explained by 30-year veteran worship leader, Dwayne Moore.

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Dwayne Moore’s best-selling worship study can literally change your worship team and choir! Discover for yourself why Pure Praise was a 2009 EDITORS CHOICE by Worship Leader Magazine!

Interview on Canadian National TV

Dwayne Moore, author and founder of Next Level Worship, was recently interviewed on Canada’s most popular Christian TV Talk-show called “100 Huntley Street.”

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Welcome to Next Level Worship! We provide powerful life-changing discipleship resources by Dwayne Moore to churches and believers!

Biblical Perspectives, Devotional Thoughts
Pleasing Praise Requires Listening

If we are to know how he wants us to praise him — whether we’re alone in our quiet times or with other believers — then we must learn to listen to him speak to us. There are exactly four ways that God speaks to His people today. First and foremost, He speaks through His

Random Thoughts
Going and Coming

This Sunday is my last day at Brindlee Mountain Church. I’ve been on staff there over 5 years. My family and I have had a great experience with those incredible people. This Sunday will be tough for many of us. I want to shout out to my band and praise team: Bob Satler, Tim Nelson,

Biblical Perspectives
Fallen Troops

Four of my friends who are worship leaders and pastors have fallen out of the ministry over the past few months. Three out of the four had affairs and one was accused (falsely he said) of inappropriate behavior with a child in his church. These were (are) talented and capable men whom God was using in his

Biblical Perspectives
Humility before honor

I just finished my quiet time. Been reading in Proverbs 15 where it says “The fear of the Lord teaches a man wisdom, and humility comes before honor.” Wow, forget trying to climb some ladder of success today. I just need to humble myself before holy God. He’ll do the honoring how and when he