Book Review: Sound Check

Sound Check by Kurtis Parks has received a Choice Resource Award from NLW International. Below is a review by Aaron Pfahler of this amazing book. Aaron is worship pastor at Cable Road Alliance Church in Lima, OH. He’s also part of our NLW community…

“You lead worship. But do you live worship?” This is the leading question of Sound Check, a fantastic book written for both worship leaders and worship teams alike. Kurtis Parks, pastor of Bridges Church in downtown Nashville, masterfully engages his reader in a very accessible way, while still communicating deep and vastly important theological truths that all worshippers should understand.

Woven throughout the book are personal stories that effectively communicate Parks’ philosophy of worship, and practical steps on how leaders and volunteers can apply it to their ministries. Of all the topics he covers, (including servant leadership, attitude, purpose, and others) the overarching theme is authenticity. Parks seeks to show that of all the important characteristics found in a good worship leader, this is the foundational piece the rest are built on. To lead effective worship on one day each week, the leader must live a life of authentic worship the other six days of the week as well.

Just as a worship band takes time to rehearse and sound check, Sound Check encourages the reader to consistently practice and tune up their own personal life of worship.

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