NLWI’s Impactful Bible Schools in Zambia

NLWI’s Mega Intensive School and Worship Bible Schools in Zambia this year are poised to be the largest and most impactful events the organization has ever undertaken in Africa. With over 400 church leaders expected at the Intensive School and 4000 children attending Worship Bible Schools in nearby villages, NLWI is set to make a significant difference in the lives of many individuals in Zambia.

Transforming Lives

NLWI’s Africa Director, Donald Kutala, highlighted the importance of providing clear understanding of biblical worship to African believers. According to Donald, “NLWI has been very helpful to define biblical worship in Africa. It has helped many worship teams and churches. Church leaders have seen the transformation in their worship teams and congregations.By defining biblical worship to church leaders at the Mega Intensive School, NLWI aims to impact 120 churches in Zambia.”

NLWI’s intensive training programs not only equip church leaders with essential skills but also inspire them to impact their churches and communities. Ackim Mupimpila pastors a church in Zambia. He attended our Intensive School in Zambia two years ago. This is what he said: “What I learned changed our entire worship system in the congregation, beginning with the praise team. In fact, it has changed a lot of our members. Most of our members now know what true worship is.” Pastor Ackim’s story is just one example of how NLWI’s teachings have brought about significant shifts in worship practices within congregations. Testimonials from pastors like Ackim reveal the transformative power of NLWI’s teachings on worship, helping them lead their congregations with a deeper understanding of true worship.

Bringing revival

One of our recruiting pastors for the Mega Intensive School sent us a picture of him meeting with a Pastors’ Fellowship group. Our amazing recruiters are going to each province in Zambia, recruiting the most passionate and needful church leaders to attend this year’s Intensive School in July.

NLWI’s impact goes beyond individual transformation, extending to potential revival and spiritual awakening across Zambia. Through the recruitment of passionate and dedicated church leaders, NLWI is able to reach more individuals and spread the message of Jesus in a meaningful way. By sponsoring leaders to attend the Intensive School, donors have the opportunity to contribute to the development and growth of local churches in Africa.

NLWI’s commitment to helping churches in Zambia is evident in the efforts of their dedicated team members, who are ready to lead this mission with enthusiasm and passion. With the support of financial partners, NLWI is able to carry out their mission of training local church leaders and sharing the Good News of Jesus with those in need. By investing in the future of churches in Africa, NLWI is making a lasting impact on the spiritual landscape of the region.

Making a Mega Impact

As NLWI prepares for their largest event in Africa yet, the organization is gearing up to make a mega impact with their programs. With over 40 US team members joining forces with local leaders, NLWI is poised to deliver a week of intensive learning and empowerment to church leaders in Zambia. Through the generous support of donors, NLWI is able to provide essential resources to attendees, ensuring that they have everything they need to thrive and succeed in their ministries.

NLWI’s Mega Intensive School and Worship Bible Schools are not just about training leaders but about igniting a passion for worship and spiritual growth in communities across Zambia. By donating to NLWI’s cause, individuals have the opportunity to play a role in transforming lives and empowering communities in Africa. Together, we can make a difference and bring about positive change in the lives of those who need it most.

Ways you can Help


We are in need of a few more pastors, worship leaders and children’s workers to go with us to Zambia. The dates are July 24 through August 3. The cost is $4300, which includes your flights, meals, lodging and in-country transportation. Please contact us if you are interested in being on our missions team for this tremendous event.


  • Mail a check to NLWI, PO Box 1880, Hartselle, AL 35640
  • Give via Venmo @nlwinternational

With NLWI’s Mega Intensive School and Worship Bible Schools on the horizon, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation for the impact that will be made in Zambia this year. By investing in the future of local churches and empowering community leaders, NLWI is paving the way for a brighter tomorrow for many individuals in Africa. Join NLWI on this journey of transformation and empowerment, and together, we can make a mega impact in the lives of those who need it most.

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