Shine On: In any role, look for ways to Share your Faith

by James Damey

Matthew 5:15
Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

We recently celebrated Easter Sunday.  A celebration of the victory Jesus has over death, hell, and the grave. There is often an expectation for us to sing victorious songs, dress to the nines, and hear again the glorious story of Jesus rising again. So what a shock when we were ushered into the worship center through a dimly lit hallway and found our seats in the darkness. As we sat there unable to see each other, with the dim glow of exit signs, we were left with just our thoughts as our company.

The service began with no lights, music, projections, no shouts of joy, or victorious songs. The speaker began to speak in the dark. With a resounding exclamation that Jesus is our HOPE, a candle lit up in the front of the room, illuminating the speaker. As the service continued, one by one lamps lit up as a story was told of individuals who have been changed by God’s redemption and love. Testimony by testimony, lamp by lamp the room glowed with expressions of the impact Jesus has made on so many in that room. The oppressive darkness that pressed in on us at the beginning of the service now faint and weakened by the intensity of our lights. Yes, there is hope and power in this present darkness.

Jesus won in that room that day, and the enemy lost. Several heard the gospel and came to know Jesus as savior, lighting their lamp for Him, and testifying to His love for them. And in the celebration for our new brothers and sisters, I was challenged.


How have I come to rely on the tools of the service more than the Spirit in the service?
I noticed my comfort level plummet without the lyrics projected, background music, lighting, and other tools. Is it possible that I have given priority to those tools and maybe even relied on them in services?

My response:

Yes, it has been easy to trust in something that I can touch or control, rather than slow down to listen to God in the important moments when He leads through whispers.


Have I forgotten the power of my testimony?

My Response:

The gospel reminds me how important stories are to God. We are each driven to the great redemptive power of God as we hear others testimonies and are reminded of how God has redeemed our lives as well. It is easy for me to fall into the trap of forgetfulness when it comes to telling others how God has rescued me. I should soften the noise of distractions around me to hear others tell their story and reflect on my own.


When was the last time I shared my story with someone else?

My response:

God, help me! Just as a light is meant to shine, so a story is meant to be told. I allow myself to become so busy that I pass right by the moments when I could be sharing my testimony with others. Not just those who have never heard of Jesus, but also those brothers and sisters in the faith that are working along side me. Yes, my work for God can be the bowl that I use to cover my light. That I should be sharing with others.

Maybe one of these hits you where you are today. In all of the noise around you, can you quiet your hands to quiet your words, and then quiet your thoughts, and maybe quiet your spirit and hear Him? Offering a small prayer, “God help me rely only on you, and not my wisdom, strength, words, or actions. Perhaps you should make time to listen to someone’s story and remember the power of a testimony. To say, “God help me to make time to listen and be curious about what you have done in the lives of those around me.” Or maybe you need to speak of what God has done for you. Today ask, “God help me look for one conversation and share how GREAT You are today.”

I encourage you to let your light shine in everything you do, say, or lead. No matter where you are, there will be darkness to dispel. No matter who you are, God has a purpose for your story. So don’t hide it. Let’s embrace it and shine on in the darkness.

James Damey

James has been a Worship Pastor for the last 27 years. While creating and leading worship teams in multiple churches he has learned the value of living a lifestyle of worship. He has recently found a passion in teaching and mentoring others to lead worship ministries. So becoming NLWI’s US Ministries Director has been an ideal and timely shift to pass the things he has learned to others.

While working as Worship Pastor at Cheyenne Hills Church in Cheyenne Wyoming the last 14 years, he has been able to develop process, create team vision, become licensed and ordained, and grow leadership teams that were influential to create a healthy and successful worship environment.

He and his wife, April, have been married for over twenty years and have three kids: Elijah, Noah, and Selah Damey.

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