A Call From Wyomming: Worship Leader Mission Opportunity


Next Level Worship International has been invited to bring a teaching team to Casper Wyoming to lead a large worship conference. Worship leaders, pastors, church musicians and church tech crews from across Northern Wyoming are expected to attend. Many churches have a lead pastor as the only paid staff and function mostly with volunteer power. As such, our goal is to equip these ministries with foundational teaching and breakouts that target the unique difficulties that this brings. We are bringing a team of authors, pastors, worship leaders, and trainers to this region and diving into major areas that can help pastors equip their volunteer leaders, and train volunteers to build effective teams that are founded on biblical truths.

Wyoming is made up many towns and cities that are divided by vast landscapes. Many of these towns have a couple small churches in each area that have low population. The majority of these churches are volunteer powered with only the lead pastor on the staff. So bringing worship theology and resources will be invaluable to these teams and volunteer leadership. We are excited to serve Northern Wyoming and some Montana leaders as we prepare for this amazing event!”


I’m Johannes Labert, a small-town church planter in Cali, Wyoming. We embarked on the journey of planting a church in a town that had never experienced the presence of a church before.

Throughout my eight years of serving in Wyoming, I’ve recognized a significant need for resources tailored to worship leaders. While pastors often have access to conferences and resources, worship leaders find themselves lacking support and equipping.

Many individuals with musical talent step up to lead worship, but they lack the training and resources needed to excel in their roles. This gap in support has been a common challenge faced not just by our church but by many others across the state.

I’ve searched high and low for solutions, but it’s often challenging for us to travel to states hosting conferences or workshops. That’s when I stumbled upon Next Level Worship and learned about the incredible work you’re doing.

Seeing your commitment to equipping worship leaders, I knew I wanted to be part of it. In Wyoming, where nine out of ten people are lost, reaching hearts with the Gospel is paramount. Worship leaders play a crucial role in connecting people to God’s presence, and I believe your resources can make a significant impact in our state.

What I envision is for worship leaders in Wyoming to grasp the heart of worship, understanding its importance in leading people to encounter God. It’s not about performance but about genuinely connecting hearts with the throne room of Christ.

By partnering with Next Level Worship, we can show these leaders that they are not alone. Together, we can provide the support and training they need to take their worship leading to the next level.

I’m extending this invitation to you because I believe God is in this. It’s been a prayer of mine for eight years, and I trust that if God is leading, He will provide. Let’s join hands and elevate worship in Wyoming to new heights.

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