Will You Help Us Walk for Worship?

About this fundraiser: In September of 2021 we're walking for worship! Will you help us continue to disciple Christians about true, whole-life worship and reach communities with the Gospel around the world? NLW International is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Thus, donations from US citizens are tax-deductible! At NLW International

Pennsylvania Mission Update!

Pennsylvania Mission Update! Greetings from PA! Our NLW team is in central Pennsylvania this week.  We are deep in the heart of scenic rural countryside with rolling hills and lush farm land.  We just finished a three day retreat with a wonderful Mennonite church in East Waterford, PA.  The entire

A King Becomes A Teacher of Worship

A King Becomes A Teacher of Worship By Dr. Johannes Schröder (first published at https://wortundlobpreis.de/2020/08/17/ein-koenig-als-anbetungslehrer/) In 2 Chronicles 20 we read about how a king showed all his people what it means to worship God in everything. To praise Him alone and at all times.  In his greatest crisis, Jehoshaphat

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