Episode 007: Recording an album, congregational worship, advice for young worship leaders (Podcast)

In this week's episode of The Heart of Worship Podcast, Dwayne and Stephen discuss some of the questions from our ReFOCUS Retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN this past weekend. Questions covered include: How can you stay joyful even though there may not be much participation in the congregation ? Who is worship for? How

I Needed to REFOCUS

I Needed to REFOCUS By Dawn Kelley Two weeks ago, we made an embarrassing blunder at NLW. We have been recreating and updating our website. During this process, we unknowingly tripped some kind of email notification sequence to everyone who previously subscribed

Episode 006: Church Growth, Christmas Evangelistic Services, Cool Choirs, Hard Faith (Podcast)

In this week's episode of The Heart of Worship Podcast, Dwayne has a special co-host on the show. Josh Anders shares about their incredible Christmas services that attracted hundreds of guests. He shares how they intentionally targeted visitors this year and in turn increased by close to 1000% the number of guests that came.

Impact Profile: Timothy Simwanza

Name: Timothy Simwanza Country: Zambia Africa Role: Worship Leader Timothy's Story My name is Timothy Simwanza, a worship leader at a local church called Ebenezer Worship Center, in Chongwe Lusaka Zambia. I was introduced to Next Level Worship in 2016, when there was a video conference organized in Chongwe.  We were invited, along with a

Impact Profile: Mike Sooy

Name: Mike Sooy Age: 43 Country: USA Role: Worship Arts Leader Mike's Story Meet Michael, a worship arts leader from the United States. Michael came to us by way of a worship conference at Cedarville University. He sat in on a leadership training session with Dwayne Moore and made an instant connection with him. Even

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