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What started with a Bible study for a praise team has led to a global community of church leaders and Christian believers. Our books and resources are now being utilized around the world, and thousands have found a deep bond through our common pursuit and conviction of true worship. Hope you will JOIN US!

Global connections

Deep friendships

Mission opportunities



Ongoing education

Personal renewal

Church strengthening

community members can...

Attend a Gathering

Some of our online meetings are exclusive to our community members.

Go on a Mission

We take teams from our community on US and international mission trips.

Be a Mentor

We connect quality leaders from our community for one-on-one training.

What's Expected

We will expect nothing from you. However, by joining, you can expect some things from us…
  • We will send you invitations to our online community gatherings and in-person events.
  • We may occasionally check on you (via email) to see how we can pray for you and help you.
  • We may send you information about upcoming missions and equipping opportunities.
  • We will not inundate you with messages or promotions. However, we will encourage you to be involved as much you are able to be.

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