The Growing Edge

The Growing Edge By Curtiss Kanagy Each year when spring arrives, I often think of what a retired pastor used to say to me, he would say “Curtiss that is your “growing edge.”   Jay was not only a retired pastor but also a retired farmer, and so the

Episode 19: Interview with Author Caris Snider on Mental Health, Anxiety, Peace, New Book (podcast)

Caris Snider, author of Anxiety Elephants: 31 Day Devotional on Stomping Them Out, talks with Dawn Kelley, Community Director at NLW International, about mental health and how there is hope and help for those struggling with anxiety and depression.  In this interview, Caris vulnerably shares her personal experiences of overcoming anxiety and how good

Waiting with God

During a recent community meet-up of NLW International, Dr. Joseph Mwila from Zambia, Africa taught on the importance of waiting WITH God during the COVID-19 crisis. Dawn Kelley, Community Director for NLWI, led a song in Bemba and in English before Dr. Mwila spoke. Transcript of

Worshiping god

By John Martin Let’s play a game (for you Friends’ fans out there you will recognize this game from the episode entitled, “The One with Joey’s Big Break”). I am going to ask a series of questions and I want you to answer them as quickly as you can. Don’t think about

Love Sweet Love

by John Martin In the mid 1960’s Burt Bacharach composed the music to songwriter Hal David’s lyrics: “What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. No not just for some, but for


by Dwayne Moore   The following article is a sneak peak from a new book Dwayne is writing on the Lord's Prayer. Enjoy!   "Hallowed be your name" holds huge significance within the Lord's Prayer. To help us grasp it better and

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