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Final Words for The Decade

by Dwayne Moore This devotional is taken from Dwayne’s Online Quiet Time Journal. GO HERE to subscribe. Text: 2 Peter 3:11-18 Theme: Peter’s final words summed up the focus of both his letters and on what we need to focus in 2020. Key verses: “Since everything around us is going to be destroyed like this, what holy and

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Episode 002: Kanye West, Coffee, Worship Ministry & Never Quitting (Podcast)

In this week’s episode of The Heart of Worship Podcast, Dwayne & Stephen discuss Kanye West’s sudden influence rise in among Christians, and the importance of discipleship before leadership. Also discussed is the impact Kanye’s large-choir music could have on church choirs.

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A Christmas Wrapped in Praise (repost)

By Dwayne Moore Let’s start with a question: What is the one thing God made sure Jesus got the best of when He first came to earth? Was it our riches? No, He was born in a stall with barn animals and hay. Was it our royalty? No. His parents were a shepherd boy and

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Episode 001: 2020 Grammy Nominations, Staying Relevant & Time Management (Podcast)

In this week’s inaugural episode of The Heart of Worship Podcast, Dwayne & Stephen discuss the recent Grammy nominations and artists for 2020, and why it’s important for Christians to be aware of secular music and culture.

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Stop Impeding Traffic: How Name-calling Hurts Our Witness

By John Martin I am sitting in a small coffee shop in Guntersville, AL.  It is a rainy and dreary day and I am looking out the window trying to get motivated to start working on my projects for the day.  As I am sitting here, I observe something that was both entertaining and enlightening

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by Andrea Krigbaum Recently, God has been teaching me about grace and mercy.  There are days I think, “I don’t deserve to receive His help with a situation because I have made this mess myself.”  Some days, I find myself not wanting to pray for His mercy because it seems noble to accept the consequences

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The Ultimate Blessing

by Chris Tippins The beatitudes remind us that, as believers, we live in the “already, not yet.”  While we can and do experience the blessing of God’s promises now, the ultimate blessing and promise is of a future and eternal glory, which is yet to come. True blessing and comfort is found in eternal peace

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Hang On

by Christopher Tippins Some days you may feel like you’re hanging on for dear life.  Keep hanging on!  But also… let go.  Let go of trying to control.  Let go of trying to keep it all together.  Let go of managing everything on your own. There is a popular message lately which says, “You can do

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God is on the Move Around the World

In May, we learned one of our free resources, Building Strong Worship Leaders, was translated into Vietnamese. This was quite a shock considering we had no idea a church in Hanoi had taken on this huge task. The following quote is from the website which offers the free Vietnamese version: For churches, building a strong

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The Relationship Between God and Music

By Suzanne Provagna One of the characteristics I love about God is that He is direct. Every word has direction and meaning. Like the first commandment: Deuteronomy 5:6 “I am the LORD your GOD, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me.” Please