Episode 13: To Sing or Not to Sing in Church? Reopening, Theology of Singing in Worship (podcast)

In this week's episode of Heart of Worship Podcast, Dwayne interviews Dr. Zeb Ballentine. Zeb is an author, college professor, worship pastor, and lead coach at vitalworshipgroup.com. He and Dwayne talk about churches preparing to reopen soon and beginning to meet together again. They discuss why it's important for

Fine-tuning Our Ears

Fine-tuning Our Ears By Dwayne Moore I am thankful to God that, as we have learned, he will find a way to speak to me as I determine to live for him. But to what length must he go to get my attention? Will it require adversity

Our Most Important Asset

Our Most Important Asset By Dwayne Moore What is most important for us as worshippers and worship leaders is that we learn to listen for and discern God’s voice when he speaks to us. But for us to really grasp why this asset is so significant, first a climate of

Final Words for The Decade

by Dwayne Moore This devotional is taken from Dwayne's Online Quiet Time Journal. GO HERE to subscribe. Text: 2 Peter 3:11-18 Theme: Peter’s final words summed up the focus of both his letters and on what we need to focus in 2020. Key verses: “Since everything around us is going to be destroyed like this, what holy and