Our 2023 Missions will take us to 9 countries, reaching thousands.

At Next Level Worship International, we love telling people about the hope we have in Jesus Christ! Wherever we go, we look for opportunities to share the gospel. We’ve already seen hundreds come to Christ through our mission trips, and we have seen many more put their trust in Him in 2023.

The primary focus of our ministry is making disciples–especially helping disciplers make more disciples. We invest a lot of time and money to pour into pastors, worship leaders, children’s workers and other church leaders. We know that if we can resource and encourage local church leaders, then they can take what they learn and share it with their congregations and communities.

This year, our plan is to travel to at least 9 countries. Below is the breakdown of where we have traveled so far and where we still plan to travel. For a map that details where we will be, please go to our Missions page.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us and donate to support these mission trips. As you can imagine, these trips can be very expensive. We anticipate this year’s mission trips to cost us upwards of $60,000.

Africa Spring Tour

In March and April, we were in 6 African countries: South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia. In each country we led training conferences for pastors and worship leaders. In Uganda and Zimbabwe we did sight-surveys and met with our local teams as we prepared to do major Intensive Schools in those countries in August of this year. In Ethiopia we’ve had Dwayne’s new book on prayer translated into the national language of Urdu. We distributed those books to hundreds of pastors in Ethiopia in April.

New Mexico Tour

In June, our team travelled to Angel Fire, New Mexico. Angel Fire is a ski-resort town located in the Southern Rockies. We led a tent revival each evening where Dwayne taught on prayer to the local churches who are coming together to host this event. Each morning we led Worship Bible Schools for the local children in the town. To wrap the week, we had a block party for the entire town, to share the Gospel.

Africa August Tour

In August of 2023, we returned to Africa to lead two week-long Intensive Schools, first in Uganda and then in Zimbabwe. These schools brought together leaders from across these nations and from other countries as well. Along with training pastors and worship leaders, we also trained children’s workers and led Worship Bible Schools for children in local villages. While we were on the continent of Africa in August, we also led conferences and training events in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Asia Fall Tour

In November of 2023, we plan to travel to help pastors and local leaders and to build a stronger relationship with our local team there. This will be the second time we’ve traveled to India for the purpose of ministry. India is a Hindu-dominated government who tends not to be favorable to Christians and Christian teachings, so we need lots of prayer covering from our Prayer Partners as we go. We also hope to go to Pakistan to meet our local team there in person and lead conferences and crusades.

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