Goals and Values Setting for Ministries

Excerpt from NLWI’s Worship Ministry Blueprints


Similar to a vision statement, compiling a list of values is important so the people involved in your ministry understand how they will be guided along the processes and the rules in place for each individual. Values also help determine the boundaries within the ministry, goals, and ideals. Additionally, values can help solidify the vision among your team.

A few of Sample Church’s Values:

We value authentic and engaging praise on the platform (Psalm 40:3) 

Therefore we… 

Make time to grow together as worshipers

Strive to internalize our music

Try to dress in a way not to distract from worship

Evaluate how well we engage and lead

Strive to anticipate possible changes as the Holy Spirit leads and prepare when possible

We value musical excellence and creativity (Psalm 33:3) 

Therefore we… 

Plan and rehearse weeks in advance

Play with a click track on most songs

Use a loop on some songs

Create our own arrangements of some songs

Feature songs we write from time to time

Rehearse the band and choir weekly and worship leaders before they sing

Rehearse entire service on Sunday AMs w/all service personalities & tech

We value diversity of music and leaders on the platform (Romans 12:10) 

            Therefore we… 

Mix up choir leading, ensembles leading, and individuals leading

Play/sing various styles of music

Have a creative and unusual service each month

We value pouring into people in our ministry. 

            Therefore we… 

Mentor all we feel led to

Offer training opportunities for all leadership levels within our funnel.

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