A Command for Honesty Against Hypocrisy

By Savannah Cone

Take a moment to pray as you begin. Invite the Holy Spirit to illuminate the words Christ has for you today. Ask God to soften your heart to His word so you can receive His instruction.

Would you consider yourself a leader? Maybe you are a lay-leader in your church, maybe you are leading a ministry or organization. In any case, you are likely a leader in your close circle because of your heavy influence with them. 

Often as leaders we find ourselves at a crossroads of truth. We feel the need to touch the line of honesty without crossing the line of truth. What I am describing here is a dilemma many leaders, including yourself, may face.

Pharisees were leaders of the Jewish faith and tradition during Jesus’ ministry on earth. In Luke’s writings, he includes several instances where Jesus calls out their hypocritical leadership. This is Jesus speaking to his disciples: 

“Be on your guard against the leaven [evil] of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. There is nothing covered that won’t be uncovered, nothing hidden that won’t be made known. Therefore, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in an ear in private rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops.”
Luke 12:1b-3 (CSB)

What is the purpose of Jesus’ warning to leaders? Jesus’ warning is a command to honest leadership. This command requires us to step back and reflect on our leadership.

Do we make decisions based on rumors and whispers? 

Do we have something hidden from the people we lead? 

What would happen if either of these became known?

We may have something to hide and we may believe our secrets are worth keeping, but Jesus says this is not the way. Christ died to wash away your sin, so we must live in His freedom. There is freedom in honesty.

We must remind ourselves, God knows every secret and every truth to their full capacities. We can trust him to handle any potential fall-out of our hidden secrets. We must be careful because he will eventually uncover our secrets (vs.2). And remember, God is brought more glory at our weakest times (2 Cor. 12:9).

Take a moment to write down one area of your life you feel is in hiding. Invite the Holy Spirit to reveal to you your next steps. Then, write the name of the person you need to contact to hold you be accountable for living in freedom.

What am I hiding?

What is the fallout if the people you influence find out?

Actions Steps:

1) Establish who can hold you accountable to functioning in honest leadership.

2) Write a commitment statement to your net step form here toward honesty.

As we begin to lead with honesty, we must then encourage other brothers and sisters to lead in the same way. As a leader in your circle of influence, others will recognize your honesty and be compelled to live in the same way. But more than this, we can be intentionally walking with those who need Christ’s model of honesty against hypocrisy.

Community Director
Savannah studied Music and Worship at Liberty University and currently serves as the Community Director with Next Level Worship International. She is the author of Unlocking Worship. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Tyler and their sweet goldendoodle, Wojo.” In my spare time I find myself pondering theological topics and diving into biblical concepts. I strive to model my life after this verse: Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, so it from the heart, as something done for the Lord and not for people.”

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