Refocus 2024: Bringing the World Together in Worship

By Next Level Worship International

Global Impact

This year’s Refocus event was a big deal. For the first time in our NLWI history, people from 24 different countries all over the world joined in. They came from places on four different continents, making it a truly global gathering.

One Day

One of the most unique highlights from this year’s event is that it happened all in one day. Instead of spreading it out over several days like before, we decided to bring everyone together at the same time. This meant that even though some folks were waking up super early in the United States, and others were staying up late in places like Pakistan, they were all participating together. It was like a giant virtual party for worship!

During the event, speakers talked about different ways to worship. Some talked about how worship helps us through tough times, while others focused on what having a heart of worship means. It was interesting because even though they were talking about similar things, each speaker had their own unique way of saying it. It all fit together really well and made for a meaningful experience.

Everything was broadcast live this year. That meant the music, the speeches, everything happened right then and there. It was awesome to see people from different parts of the world interacting live. We even had translators for those who didn’t speak English so everyone could join in.


Overall, Refocus 2024 was a huge success, bringing people from all over the world together to worship and connect. As we look to the future, we are excited to keep making this event even more inclusive and interactive, so everyone can feel like they’re part of something truly special. This year we had some churches that brought in multiple churches together and we want more and more to do that and they have their own music, their own band, etc.

Looking ahead, efforts will continue to enrich interactive elements, ensuring participants feel not merely as spectators but as integral contributors to a global movement of worship. By harnessing the power of technology and collective spirit, Refocus aims to transcend physical barriers, uniting believers worldwide in a shared journey of faith and praise. Additionally, there will be a push to empower local communities to personalize the event, inviting churches to host their gatherings with tailored music and programming, thereby fostering a sense of ownership and community engagement.

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