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Part 2: When It’s Time to Leave Your Church Ministry Position

by Dwayne Moore

Knowing when it’s time to leave a church ministry position usually starts with one of two things. In this episode, Dwayne Moore looks a way God often gets our attention at times–through circumstances around us. He says, “Perhaps your recent circumstances are God’s way of saying it’s time for you to leave, to step out on faith, and see where He will take you next.”

Part 1: When It’s Time to Leave Your Church Ministry Position

by Dwayne Moore

In this episode Dwayne Moore looks closely at inner restlessness. As leaders in the church, we’ve probably all experienced some restlessness at times. Knowing when it’s time to leave usually comes down to one of two things: 1. Restlessness inside us or 2. Circumstances around us. God has uses both of these as signs to help get our attention when He’s preparing me for a change in ministry assignment.

New Worship Leader Conversation: When Things Go Wrong & People Don’t Respond

by admin

Dwayne Moore’s “Coffee Shop Conversations” Series leads us through how to have informal, powerful and needed conversations with our worship team leaders. Conversation Topic: When Things Go Wrong & People Don’t Respond This Conversation includes discussions on “What should be our highest priorities when we lead worship?” “How important are people’s outward responses?” and “How important…

Worship: What Christians Should Aim for Every Day

by admin

NOTE: The following article is an excerpt from Week 2 of the 6-week Bible study, Heaven’s Praise: Hearing God Say Well Done by Dwayne Moore. This article will run in Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox and on later this week. ____________________________________ Have you ever felt like you’ve been wandering through life, not quite knowing what exactly God’s expecting…

Using Visual Arts in Worship (Updated)

by admin asked me to write about visual arts in worship a few years ago. After so many advances in visual technology, I realized we needed to revisit this article. I asked Kyle Gordon who is the creative artist on my worship staff to help me rewrite the article. (Check out his blog at This updated…

How to Develop Your Worship Team to Be True Ministers

by admin

The following article by Dwayne was featured this week on and in Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. This article is part of the Building Strong Worshipers series, presented by in partnership with Next Level Worship.   Our goal for church musicians and worship teams should be that they become ministers through music. It isn’t enough to be good musicians…

“The Prize Event”: A One-Day Church Conference with Dwayne Moore

by admin

. .. Schedule Dwayne to lead this powerful and unique one-day conference in your church! See below poster for more information. [tab: OVERVIEW] Want to show your pastor or staff this material? Download the poster and overview sheet here. The Prize Event kicks off with a “Tour of Heaven” worship service that’s designed to “whet” people’s appetites…


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