Discipleship Is Who We Are

By Dawn Kelley Dawn Kelley, Director of Community Development for Next Level Worship International, shares about the importance of leader-to-leader discipleship in this video and blog article. My role at NLW is to help develop the awesome leaders God brings our way. It is a humble

Created for His Praise

Below is a brief excerpt from Pure Praise. When God finished creating Adam and Eve on the sixth day He said it was "very good." Think about that. They had just been created. They had not had the chance to do anything, yet He was pleased with them. He enjoyed their company as He walked

Be a Leader-Servant in Ministry

By Dwayne Moore There’s something very powerful about serving others in Jesus’ name. That’s because, when we reach out to help someone in need, we’re literally serving Jesus. As we take food to a shut-in, we’re taking food to Jesus. When we help build a home for a low-income family, we’re building a home for

We Have a NEW APP!

This app is packed with powerful content and resources to help you grow and stay connected with our NLW community. With this app you can: Follow along with our Bible reading plan on worship Get great deals on our conferences and training events Get special discounts on our books and video resources Do our powerful

Christians, What Should We Aim For?

NOTE: The following article is an excerpt from Week 2 of the 6-week Bible study, Heaven's Praise: Hearing God Say Well Done by Dwayne Moore. ____________________________________ Have you ever felt like you’ve been wandering through life, not quite knowing what exactly God’s expecting from you? Sadly, many in God’s family spend much of their lives

Don’t Settle for Praise

  Don't Settle for Praise by Dwayne Moore I don't normally publish my personal quiet time posts on this blog. I usually only publish them on my journaling blog. However, today's quiet time was such a powerful teaching moment for me as a worship leader that I wanted to share it with our NLW readers. Enjoy!   Text:

Your Quiet Time on Steroids (Video Teaching)

In this powerful video, Dwayne Moore teaches his "secret" to having incredible moments with God. Dwayne will walk you through the simple and effective approach he has used since he was in college. Dwayne also includes 10 pointers that are vital for anyone who wants to connect with God in an intimate way. As Dwayne

An Asaph Generation of Worship Leaders

We recently started a unique and needed community for worship leaders. We call it the Asaph Generation (AsaphGeneration.com). Why the name “Asaph Generation,” you might ask? Simply put, we want to be part of a generation of worship leaders who leave a godly legacy in worship ministry–like Asaph did! The Asaph Generation is an exclusive

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