Tech Review: Multitracks

Multitracks has received a Choice Resource Award from NLW International. Below is a review by Chuck Johnston. Chuck is worship pastor at First Baptist Church in Cullman, AL. He’s also a vital part of our NLW community…

Just one of the many ways to use tracks in worship. This is a great step to perhaps Ableton, or creating your own personal loops. Cost is calculated by credits and you just download app on an iPad. Song can be edited by section and you can put in or take out what you want. One of the biggest advantages is for rehearsal when a musician is unable to attend.

Just purely for convenience and consistency of sound. Most modern worship songs use multiple keyboard and guitar tracks. Many churches just don’t have that kind of pool of great musicians.

Solid Worship Theology — Worship leaders need resources that give us enough options so that we can locate material that is theologically sound. Multitracks seem to have a broad enough catalogue to make that possible.

Excellence — This allows the finished product to be excellent amidst all the musical issues that a worship pastor deals with. Most teams have varying levels of musicianship and with hard work the sum is greater than the individual parts. Using tracks requires that musicians get better. You have to be better to play with metronome clicks and loops. I always take out the on-stage instruments and vocals and keep pad keys and guitars. You can even put pads underneath speaking to help with flow

Value — As a musician it seems inconceivable that you have a well-made backing track for a reasonable amount of money. Digital boards and In ear systems (Behringer P-16 for example) have almost become a necessity. If you’ve made that leap, the next logical step is adding pads, loops and tracks. Each multitrack purchase for the app is 29 credits. They have different levels you can purchase. Put the app on a device and go to it!

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