Book Review: Called to Worship

Called to Worship by Dr. Vernon Whaley has received a Choice Resource Award from NLW International. Below is a review of this amazing book by Dawn Kelley, Director of Community Development for NLWI…

Called to Worship was part of the required reading in my graduate work at Liberty University and I am thankful it was. Too often, I believe we look to the same, over-done resources for inspiration on how to worship. We forget the entire word of God historically lays out how those who went before us offered their entire lives as living sacrifices of worship to God. If you are looking for a book that hashes out the details of this kind of worship, Called to Worship, will be an invaluable resource for you.

This book is well-laid out, divided into three main sections: principles of worship we can learn from the Old Testament, New Testament worship, and what worship will be like in eternity. Within each part, Dr. Vernon discusses how biblical characters and cultures were called to enter a worshiping relationship by the Creator, himself. It explains how those we don’t typically think of as “worship leaders” responded to God’s call with authentic, whole-life worship.

Called to Worship is a great read to get you thinking beyond the traditional definition of worship; and it would also be good to use in a small group setting, or going through with your music team, or your entire church! We whole-heartedly recommend adding this book to your collection to challenge the idea that worship is more than music.

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