The Practice of the Presence of God: Author Interview

The Practice of the Presence of God in Modern English by Brother Lawrence has received a Choice Resource Award from NLW International. Congratulations to Modern English author Marshall Davis! Dwayne Moore had a conversation with Pastor Marshall, discussing the origins of this classic book and how it can help form in its readers hearts of true worship. Enjoy!

Interview Questions Include…

1. How did you discover this book and what prompted you to translate? How has it impacted you personally?

2. Who was Brother Lawrence?

3. What is the core message of this book? What does the practice of God’s  presence mean?

4. Can this book can help develop a heart of worship in its readers? If so, how?

5. You included the Maxims. Why and what are they?

6. What are some other books you’ve written and how can people contact you?

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