Impact Profile: Chris Mellon

Name: Chris Mellon

Age: 27

Country: USA

Role: Pastor

Chris’s Story

Meet Chris Mellon, a worship Pastor from the states who has been a part of Next Level Worship for three years. Chris was first introduced to Next Level at Experience conference in Florida, where he was able to sit in on Dwayne’s teaching at the conference. Chris felt the Lord tugging on his heart to take action and become more engaged, but left the conference and did not follow God’s calling immediately.

Several months went by before Chris again felt God’s calling to connect with Dwayne. He was able to join the coaching program for a full year, where he really began to feel the shape of his philosophy of worship begin to take shape. Through the coaching and partnership with Dwayne, Chris learned better how to lead his team in true Biblical Worship.

NLWI’s Impact

As a result of some of the impact of the course, Chris began to work on his Masters program through the partnership through Liberty University and also was blessed with the opportunity to preach to his congregation for the first time about the importance of understanding the why behind worship. Chris is currently enrolled as a student at Liberty University and continues to partner with Next Level Worship in educating himself as well as others to help to change lives through worship.

“Next Level Worship helped me to shape a better understanding of true biblical worship and gave me resources to better lead my team and my congregation. By trusting God and taking the next step to partner with them, God has opened doors for me that I never would have expected. I encourage you to do the same and to partner with Next Level Worship as we seek to educate others on the importance of worship from the heart.”

Chris Mellon

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