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If Christ Had Not Come is a 2-act play written by Dwayne Moore, author of Pure Praise and WorshipLife. This 45-minute play is both powerful and effective in presenting the Gospel message of hope in Jesus Christ in a fresh and entertaining way. It has been used in churches, prisons and other places where people need to hear Good News.

If Christ Had Not Come requires a 12-member cast, and 3 or 4 extras with “bit parts.” A chorus of carolers is needed for the second act.


Act 1 on the other hand, contrasts a world where Christ has come and brought awesome hope and life. The setting is the same in both acts. The date in both acts is December 24. The characters are the same in both. However, in Act 2, the city sidewalk setting is now filled with Christmas lights and caroler’s music. And while the characters are the same, several of them have very different attitudes and actions, because in Act 2 they now have the joy and love of the Messiah.

We recommend you do this play as a part of a dinner theater within your church. When Dwayne’s church did this play, they first had a sit-down dinner for everyone who attended, then presented the play. Because the play is strongly evangelistic, several people trusted Christ as Savior at the end of the play.

Below is an excerpt from the end of both acts. Note the stark difference in the mother from hopelessness in Act 1 to hope in Act 2.

Excerpt from Act 1:

Mother: (in despair) So you’re telling me that there’s no hope to be found. There’s no one
who really cares for us.
Peddler: Lady, there may be someone somewhere, but if there is, he sure hasn’t come
my way yet.
Mother: (drops head and begins to cry) No, no, you are wrong, it can’t be true. (Peddler
wags his head and walks off) (suddenly) I just know someone will help us. Somebody’s
got to care. (runs over to family door and knocks loudly. After a few moments Frank
comes to door.)
Frank: Yea?
Mother: Oh please. Could you just put us up for the night? My little boy is very sick and
we have no where to go. Oh please, please sir.
Frank: Just a minute. (A few seconds elapse, the Frank pitches a blanket out the door.)
That’s the best we can do. Try somewhere else.
Mother: (totally distraught) No, no, you don’t understand.
Frank: Sorry, lady. Go to Joe’s Place. They always take in strangers. (shuts door)
(Mother stands there totally helpless. She slowly begins to turn around. Tommy
interrupts the silence.)
Tommy: Mommy?
Mother: Yes?
Tommy: Why hasn’t he come? Is he not gonna come?
Mother: Who?
Tommy: You know, someone to help us.
Mother: (hesitates) No honey, he hasn’t come. Perhaps he never will…
(Lights down)

Excerpt from the end of Act 2:

(Lights come back up on Mother and Tommy)
Tommy: Mommy?
Mother: Yes honey.
Tommy: He has come, hasn’t he?
Mother: Who?
Tommy: You know. Someone to help us?
Mother: (lifting an open palm and looking toward heaven with joyful gaze) Yes Tommy. He has come.
(Carolers sing “Isn’t It Amazing” or similar praise song)


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