A Glimpse into Our Unique Traditions

By Next Level Worship International (NLWI)

‘Tis the season of joy, warmth, and festive cheer, and as we gather around the Christmas tree, we’re reminded that this season is a tapestry of unique traditions that paint the world in different hues of celebration. In this blog, let’s take a journey through our staff’s diverse Christmas traditions, starting right from the heart of home.

A 30-Year-Old Christmas Village: Dwayne Moore

In our family, Christmas isn’t just a day; it’s a season of creativity and collaboration. For the past 30 years, we’ve been building our own Christmas village – a collection of hand-painted houses and businesses that tell the story of our family’s journey. Each year, a new addition finds its place, making our festive village a living testament to the memories we’ve created and the love that binds us together.

Operation Christmas Child: James Damey

Beyond the walls of our home, our family participates in the global tradition of giving through “Operation Christmas Child.” Each family member fills a box with toys, hygiene products, socks, and other delightful items, creating a personalized care package that will travel across the world to bring joy to a child’s heart. It’s a tradition that teaches our kids the profound joy of giving and connects us to a wider community of compassion.

Capturing Moments: Mike Sooy

Some traditions are simple yet hold profound significance. One such tradition we cherish is capturing a photo of our children at the bottom of the stairs on Christmas morning. The sheer excitement and wonder in their eyes as they catch the first glimpse of presents under the tree become timeless snapshots of joy and anticipation.

From Year to Year: Joyce Wenger

From the time we dated, we’ve taken a photo each year capturing our joy during the Christmas season wearing matching sweaters. Not only do we match, but we have worn the same sweater for four years in these pictures. We will see how long we can wear these into the future!

Soccer, or Football? Donald Kutala

As the father in our household, I have my own Christmas tradition – watching football. Now, before you imagine helmets and touchdowns, it’s important to clarify that I mean soccer, known as football in most parts of the world. It’s my way of enjoying a moment of relaxation, a personal tradition that adds a global touch to our festivities.

Christmas is a mosaic of traditions, and each family contributes its unique piece to this beautiful tapestry. Merry Christmas.

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