Awesome Report of On-going Revival!

Imagine your church leaders saying you don’t need a traditional series of meetings because your church is already IN revival! That’s exactly what happened this past Sunday to a pastor friend of mine. Listen to what he wrote me:

Revival Already Happening!

We had a great service with many 30 Days of Praiseresponding to the altar this morning and one profession of faith! I asked the deacons this morning in deacon’s meeting about their thoughts on a fall revival and all of them agreed that they felt the church was already in revival and that we did not need a series of meetings!

Still Feeling the Effects of 30 Days!

Some exciting things are beginning to happen and I feel that we are on the verge of a breakthrough. I still think that we are seeing some things taking place that are a result of our journey through 30 Days of Praise back in the spring! We are starting the class “Share Jesus Without Fear” this afternoon and I had almost 20 to sign-up for it!



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In Him,


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