Looking Back on 2023 Blessings

By Next Level Worship International (NLWI)

As the sun sets on 2023, Next Level Worship International, under the leadership of Founder and President Dwayne Moore, take a moment to reflect on a year filled with growth, impact, and transformative moments. This year’s ministry report unveils a tapestry of achievements, partnerships, and milestones that set the stage for even greater opportunities in the future.

Celebrating 2023

Before diving into future endeavors, it’s crucial to acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments of 2023. The ministry trained over 5,000 pastors and worship leaders, reached millions through a weekly TV program, taught 2,200 children through Worship Bible Schools, and led conferences and schools in eight countries. Noteworthy collaborations included translating and printing the book “HE. WE. THEY.” in Amharic for Ethiopia and partnering with the Tennessee Baptist Convention for prayer conferences.

Expanding Impact

The journey of Next Level Worship International has been a testament to faith and commitment. Since its inception in 2016, the organization has achieved significant milestones, from expanding into African countries to leading Worship Bible Schools and starting a weekly TV teaching program with 11 million viewers across Asia.

Recent Achievements

In 2022, Dwayne Moore released his 7th book, “HE. WE. THEY.,” which has been translated into multiple languages and embraced by churches worldwide. The addition of James Damey as the full-time US Ministries Director in 2023 promises more opportunities for impact within the United States.

“I’ve done Bible studies from time to time. But if they don’t engage me, then I move on to something else. Dwayne’s study on prayer HE. WE. THEY. grabbed me from the get-go." - Dr. Randy Norris, AL

National and International Reach

The ministry’s influence within the United States continues to grow, with invitations from states like Wyoming, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Mississippi. Regional directors are being developed to meet the diverse needs for resources, training, and evangelism.

Upcoming Initiatives

Looking ahead to 2024, Next Level Worship International has exciting plans, including a major national conference in Germany and an extensive training event in Zambia, gathering hundreds of pastors, worship leaders, and children’s workers. The launch of an online community, “Streams,” in 2024 will provide worship leaders with exclusive resources and opportunities for connection.

“Before Next Level Worship International, my understanding of worship was very limited. I attribute a lot of my journey of becoming an effective worship leader to NLWI, which started with going through Dwayne’s online coaching. Now, serving alongside NLWI has been a pure joy.” - Lucy Muteneka Zambia

Global Horizons

The ministry is expanding its global reach, with doors opening in Germany, other parts of Europe, and Asia. Opportunities for impactful missions in 2024 include traveling to key countries where the organization already has team members leading a Mega Intensive School in Zambia.

Transformative Retreats and Resources

Renew Conferences, Revive Retreats, and new children’s materials continue to be catalysts for transformation in worship teams and leaders. The organization has also been invited to place Dwayne’s best-selling book on worship in prisons across the United States, relying on generous donors to cover printing costs.

"I've loved using the resources of NLWI in churches where I've pastored. They are some of the best out there for churches. They've helped bring spiritual renewal to our congregation." - Dr. Clay Hallmark, TN

As Next Level Worship International continues to push the limits of technology and expand our global impact, the heart of the ministry remains rooted in the worshiper’s heart. The journey of the organization, from its humble beginnings to the upcoming initiatives, is a testament to the unwavering commitment to strengthening the hearts fully committed to Him. The sun is rising on a new chapter for NLWI, filled with hope, anticipation, and a dedication to fostering real-life worship around the world.

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