Finding Favor with God (Audio Teaching by Dwayne Moore)

Are some people more special to God than others? Is possible to find special favor with God for you, your family, your job? In this powerful and ground-breaking message, author and teacher Dwayne Moore explains how we can position ourselves to receive the awesome favor from God that is ours because we are His highly

Prayer That Gets Results

During tradegies in our lives and in our country, it’s common for newscasters, politicians, and friends to say “our prayers are with you.” But what we need are prayers from people whose prayers reach the throne of God and make a difference in heaven. In this powerful audio message, author and teacher Dwayne Moore, shares the prerequisites, the potential power,

Your Personal Tour of Heaven

As much as we hear about Heaven and as often as Christians sing about Heaven, it’s surprising just how little most of us really know about our eternal home. In this fascinating message, Dwayne Moore leads us on a guided tour of Heaven–from the sites of its building materials to what we will be like

Online Worship Leadership Training with Dwayne!

Back by Popular Demand! Dear friends, We are excited to offer a tremendous opportunity for you to grow and learn in 2010! Each Tuesday evening during September through mid-November, please join me and several others for our 2nd Online Worship Leadership Training Course! Each of the 10 webinars will be both fun and challenging as we dive

Spiritual Renewal Series on Moody Radio FL

The Moody Radio network in Florida recently featured Dwayne teaching a 5-part series on spiritual renewal. These powerful daily segments included excerpts from Dwayne's teaching DVD in 30 Days of Renewal. Click here to listen to and download each of the 5 minute segments.

The Kind of Christian Satan Hates Audio Message

Dwayne recently taught a powerful lesson called The Kind of Christian Satan Hates. In this 35-minute teaching session, Dwayne takes the listener through the devil's 3-phase attack strategy as he seeks to destroy any Christian who becomes a threat to him. The kind of Christian Satan especially hates are those who have 4 specific characteristics.

Audio Discipleship: The Gripping of God’s Word

There is a reason why the Holy Bible has been the #1 Best Seller for hundreds of years. The Bible is God’s Word, His revelation to us down here on earth, and it is able to grip us and change us from the inside out. In this teaching message, Dwayne Moore explains that in order

Saddleback Worship Trainer Endorses Pure Praise Audio Devotions

Al Lowry heads up a large worship leader training ministry at Saddleback Church in CA. His ministry is called GIG, or Guitarists Into God. He works with zillions of worship leaders. This is what he said about our Pure Praise Audio Devotions that he recently reviewed: "I am probably the poster child target for your efforts as

Interview about Worship on Moody Radio

Dwayne Moore was interviewed on the Mornings with Mark show on Moody Radio's WMBI, which is 90.1 FM and 1110 AM.  WMBI is Moody Radio's main radio station located in Chicago, the home of Moody Bible Institute. This interview featured Dwayne's worship study, Pure Praise.   Click on the gray arrow below to listen to the interview.

Defining Worship and Praise – Audio Teaching by Dwayne Moore

Recently, I had the privilege to speak at Chase Valley United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. This message is on defining what is worship and what is praise. We look here at the 3 directions of whole-life worship and the 8 ways to praise. Hope this 25-minute message helps and encourages you! Blessings! - Dwayne Click in Audio MP3


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