Saddleback Worship Trainer Endorses Pure Praise Audio Devotions

Pure Praise Audio DevotionsAl Lowry heads up a large worship leader training ministry at Saddleback Church in CA. His ministry is called GIG, or Guitarists Into God. He works with zillions of worship leaders. This is what he said about our Pure Praise Audio Devotions that he recently reviewed:

“I am probably the poster child target for your efforts as a ‘non-reader’ who loves audio learning. I really enjoy your very peaceful speaking style with music that is ‘barely there’, unlike some resources I’ve heard that sometimes contain distracting instrumental backing tracks. Besides the great content, I appreciate your delivery right down to the pauses for reflection and periods of just waiting on the Lord.” — In gratitude, Al Lowry

For more information about the Pure Praise Audio Devotions, please click here (then select Companion Resources).

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