The Kind of Christian Satan Hates Audio Message

foxes-book-of-martyrs1Dwayne recently taught a powerful lesson called The Kind of Christian Satan Hates. In this 35-minute teaching session, Dwayne takes the listener through the devil’s 3-phase attack strategy as he seeks to destroy any Christian who becomes a threat to him. The kind of Christian Satan especially hates are those who have 4 specific characteristics.

This message is based on Stephen and his stoning in Acts chapters 6 and 7. Stephen had all 4 qualities of the kind of Christian Satan despises. Dwayne’s challenge to all believers is that we quit playing games with Christianity, and face the very real possibility of death in our future as we commit our entire lives to living for Jesus without reservations.

Dwayne concludes the teaching with an amazing modern-day story of martyrdom where a pastor had to watch his own family be killed because he would not deny Christ.

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    i would like to recieve the copy of the teaching inorder to equip the church

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