The Ultimate Blessing

by Chris Tippins

The beatitudes remind us that, as believers, we live in the “already, not yet.” While we can and do experience the blessing of God’s promises now, the ultimate blessing and promise is of a future and eternal glory, which is yet to come.

True blessing and comfort is found in eternal peace with God through Christ, not the temporary, shallow fulfillment of God’s promises that we many times seek.  Is there comfort for those who mourn the loss of a loved one?  Or loss of a job?  Or those experiencing health issues?  Of course.  But ultimately, we are blessed and comforted when we are led to mourn over our sin

Being broken over our sin leads to greater worship of God because, when we realize Jesus came to save sinners, then we can be comforted by the fact that Christ made a way for us to have new life!  Should we just go on sinning?  Of course not.  But for those who continue to fight sin, for those who continue to struggle… the simple fact that God would lead you over and over again to fight, to be convicted, to mourn your sin, that is a blessing.  And if we find that the comfort we hope for in this life doesn’t come, we can be assured that it will come.  There will be a day when we will not have to fight sin anymore.

Chris Tippins is a worship leader from South Carolina, USA. We are thankful he has allowed us to feature his writings!

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