Three Directions of Lifestyle Worship, Part 3

The following article by Dwayne will be featured this fall in Lifeway’s cirriculum called YOU. YOU, LifeWay’s newest adult Sunday School curriculum, is biblically-based with culturally relevant lessons to help Christians connect, grow, serve, and ultimately be engaged in impacting the world for God. YOU is unprecedented, because it is intentionally focused on urban/multicultural believers. We are honored to contribute to this incredible new cirriculum by Lifeway, which will focus this fall on worship.

worshipping-college-studentWorship in Three Directions, Part 3

So what does “three-directional worship” look like in everyday life? Is it really possible to worship God when you’re at home or school or work? How can even your simplest and most common tasks bring honor and worship to God? As you go through each day this week, determine to worship your Lord in all three directions of your life. Below are some simple and practical ideas you might try.

Ways to Worship God…
• Invest time reading God’s Word and praying during a daily Quiet Time
• Check your attitudes, motives, and private actions to be sure they honor God
• Give a smile and some words of encouragement to someone you meet
• Share your faith in Christ with a neighbor or co-worker
• Choose to praise God every day through singing, shouting, clapping, kneeling, dancing, lifting hands, playing an instrument, or testifying
• Make a list of things you are thankful for and then verbally thank God for each

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Written by Dwayne Moore. Copyright 2009. Dwayne is author of the highly acclaimed book, Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship. (Group, 2009)

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  • Next Level Worship

    Received this comment via email to us. Thanks Morris!

    I read your blog about worship in 3 dimensions. I like it. I’ve never really thought of it in that way before. I agree with you that there is an inward, outward and upward way to worship. The way that I have viewed it in the past is that anything that you do with God in mind is an act of worship. And sometimes just doing what you are supposed to do by God’s instruction too is an act of worship. Stuff like doing your job with a chearful heart. Leave the complaining outside. To me even a tythe is an act of worship.
    I like your perspective and can see a type of trinity even in worship.
    Thanks Dwayne. Great blog.
    -Morris Flurry

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