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Got this question from a worship leader the other day about his pastor’s song request versus God’s leading him. Would you have advised this person differently? –Dwayne

My pastor had requested for us to do a song this past week. I had it on my original song list. However, as I was driving to worship practice I was praying. God said to me He wanted songs of surrender. So I changed the entire second half of the song list. I had to take out pastor’s request, for the sake of time. He was clearly upset after the service by what I’d done. How could I have handled this better?

Dear Worship Leader, here’s my advice to you:

When the pastor asks for a song, as far as you’re concerned, that IS God’s voice, speaking through him to you. Never go against the directive of your pastor, under any circumstances. He is your spiritual leader and boss. I know you meant nothing disrespectful by disregarding his request. You were simply trying to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit (which is commendable!) But next time you feel potentially led in a different direction than your pastor has requested of you, I strongly suggest the following steps:

1. Talk with him or her beforehand. Explain why you would like to change the song to something else.
2. Humbly ask him if he is OK with the change you want to make.
3. If he says yes, then go with it, and plan to do his request at a service in the near future if he still wants it.
4. If he says he really prefers you go ahead and do his song as requested, then joyfully submit and do it.
5. Trust God with the outcome either way. God will hold you responsible for following your pastor, and He’ll hold your pastor responsible for following Him.