Unique Easter Service Order

Here’s our service order for this Easter. It’s simple yet unique–especially the “rumor” dramatic effect at the beginning. (Bet you’ve never seen this done in a service before!) Substitute songs for songs that work best for your congregation.

The Station Church

1. Video about Easter (from Sermon Spice) as a call to worship

2. Opening dramatic presentation

–Scripture reading from Luke 24:1-9 (read by a child)

–Praise team enters from back going down isles asking people, “Have you heard? He’s alive!”

–“He’s alive!” *rumor spreads across the room (dramatic effect) (bridge to My Savior Lives begins playing/building in background) (singers replace the words ” My Savior lives” of bridge with “He is alive.”)

3. 1st Song Set

My Savior Lives

Your Great Name

4.Welcome — Pastor

5. 2nd Song Set

You Gave Your Life Away (Play brief edited clip from The Passion movie of Jesus being crucified at start of You Gave Your Life Away.)

-Worship leader segues by saying “Aren’t you thankful he didn’t stay dead? He arose!”

Glorious Day

6. Message

7. Possible Response to message: Your Great Name (reprise)

*To do the Rumor dramatic effect: Worship leader says to the congregation: “We need the first person on each row to turn to your neighbor on your left and say, ‘Have you heard? He’s alive?’ Then that person will turn to her neighbor on her left and say the same. Let’s spread this news all the across the room.”

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