4 Articles about Worship on Pastors.com!

pastorsdotcom.jpgGod is constantly good!

Today marks our fourth article to be featured on Pastors.com and Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. Pastors.com is by far the most popular site for pastors and church leaders. And the Ministry Toolbox newsletter has a subscription of well over 180,000. Amazingly, the editor of Pastors.com and the Toolbox, Tobin Perry, has asked us to send him several more articles and excerpts they can use from our worship materials!

Today’s article on visual art in worship has become one of the most popular articles we have ever posted on our blogsite. You may view it on our site by going here.

Below are all four articles that have been featured in the Toolbox to date:

Featured articles at Pastors.com

  • A Christmas Wrapped In Praise Issue #290, published 12/20/2006 Excerpt: Let’s start with a question: What is the one thing God made sure Jesus got the best of when he first came to earth? Was it our riches? No, he was born in a stall with barn animals and hay. Was it our royalty? No… (read complete article)
  • Four Levels of Effectiveness among Worship Leaders Issue #300, published 2/28/07 Excerpt: Over the years, I have observed four levels of effectiveness among those who are involved with music in churches. These include praise team members, choir and orchestra members, and production people… (read complete article)
  • Four Goals for Every Worship Service Issue #305, published 4/04/07 Excerpt: Every time we come together to worship our Lord on Sundays (as well as at other times), there are four goals our worship services should meet. While we have quite a bit of freedom in how we go about accomplishing each goal, the goals themselves are not optional… (read complete article)
  • Using Visual Arts in Worship Issue #308, published 4/25/07 Excerpt: If one has ever questioned the authenticity of visual art as a part of worship, all he or she needs to do is consider the priority our Lord placed on the ascetically beautiful when he made this world… (read complete article)

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