True Worship Changes Us

We cannot encounter God’s presence and awesome glory and not be somehow affected.
A great example of a person who experienced the radical change worship can make is Asaph in Psalm 73. Asaph had an extremely negative outlook in the first half of that chapter. His eyes were focused on the prosperity of the wicked. Yet, something happened to Asaph that caused his entire attitude to brighten. Rather than continue to look around and get so discouraged he wanted to quit, in the last part of the chapter he began to see the end of the wicked. He suddenly realized, “Earth has nothing I desire besides you.” In fact, while he hardly mentioned God’s name in the first part, Asaph began to pray directly to God, using the word “you” no less than 14 times.
What happened that made such a huge difference? What was the “mystery cure”? It’s found in verse 17. Asaph entered “the sanctuary of God”; there he saw the final destiny of the wicked. There he turned his eyes back on the Lord, and got a proper perspective of everything around him.
Another example is Isaiah in Isaiah 6. In just one service, he went from a downcast and reluctant worship spectator to a willing participant of anything God wanted him to do. He didn’t even wait to be singled out. He enthusiastically volunteered to go! That’s the incredible change God can make in people’s lives – and in ours! – through worship.



  • AgapePreacher

    Wonderful word! When we take the time to personally and purposely praise God He pours out His power upon us. This encourages us and enables us to see the “big” picture.

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