New Study Resource – Blessings Are Funnels, Not Cups

My dear friend, Dr. Terry Hadaway, is a partner in our ministry who writes incredible Bible studies. In fact, he has just written some phenomenal small group lessons called “The Real Good Life.” Remarkably, he has placed all three of these fresh and insightful Bible studies on his website as a FREE download. Yes, you heard it right, ladies and gentlemen! Terry is the guy who wrote the study guide for Max Lucado’s Facing Your Giants. He is also the guy who just finished up the soon-to-be-published study guides for Billy Graham’s The Journey! Do yourself and your church a favor and go to his website, cupandfunnel.png

Here is an excerpt from one of those Bible studies. I wish every Christian understood this principle:

Before you ask God to bless you, make sure you know what you are requesting. There has been a lot of modern “health and wealth” theology that teaches that God wants to bless you meaning that God wants to fill your cup. It sounds nice, but it’s not an accurate picture of what it means to be blessed.

The concept of blessing is not the cup; it’s the funnel. Being blessed means being used by God to redirect His resources toward things that matter to Him. That’s where the joy of giving comes from! The real good life is when we realize that we are being used by God for His purposes.

(c) 2007 by Dr. Terry Hadaway. Excerpt from The Real Good Life Bible study series.

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