Passion, Dedication and Focus.

By Donald Kutala

PDF! Is this Portable Document Format? Nope! this is completely something else! It is Passion, Dedication and Focus.

Paul compares the Church to one body that consists of many parts in 1 Corinthians 12:20. A profound way of how we as believers should serve God and one another in unity with less friction. God has wired in all of us a certain gift that will bless the body of Christ! We carry a special treasure and gift that we need to discover, nurture and grow. That gift wasn’t given to us by accident, but God specifically put it in you and me so we can Glorify God, minister to one another and extend the Kingdom!

David was a very skillful leader, singer, musical player. We can attest on one instance when king Saul was battling with an evil spirit; David was called upon to sit beside the king and play a Lyre, and the king was refreshed! (1 Samuel 16:14 – 23). This is the season when David was anointed king; this would have been his opportunity to oust Saul saying, “the guy is not capable to rule!” In this we can see in David’s PDF at work!

Passion is defined as “any great, strong power emotion.” David had Passion for God and his service to the king, even when he was the king in waiting. In the same way, Jesus’ passion for mankind led him to obey all the way to that cross! The church requires passionate Pastors, Worship Leaders, Ushers, Administrators, Bands, etc. If we are going to have passion in what we do, we need to first develop a great passion for God. This will then develop a heart that will do everything “as unto the Lord!”

Passion begets Dedication! Every passionate person will be seen through their dedication with what they do for the Lord. Dedication makes people go a mile further to prepare, plan and execute. David was dedicated to the lyre and whenever he played it, results were seen (Saul got refreshed)! I’m sure he was praying about his serving the king, planning the tunes he would play and allowing God to lead, because he knew that the ability was ultimately coming from God! We are called to be dedicated to God, and therefore, to the gifts He has given us!

Dedication will always activate Focus. When we love what we do, we commit to it and we stay on it regardless of external pressure. David’s focus on playing the Lyre effectively produced results. Our Lord Jesus was focused on one goal; “to seek and save the lost”; no matter what happened He reached his goal!

So the next time you pick that microphone, guitar, etc, are you Passionate, Dedicated and Focused? If not, why do you think that might be, and how can you work to grow in those ares? Our God has never backed off from loving us. Even though we’ve failed Him many times, he still pursues us. We may be talented in many things, but we need to identify our best gift is from the Lord, and He deserves all the PDF we can manage!


  • Collin

    Great staff Donald,

    I have been edified!

  • Deborah Mbindo Chipeta

    Am blessed nd edified.

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