Part 3, Customer Reviews of Pure Praise Devotional Study

Wow! The most superb study ever!

By b0rn2w0rsh1p “b0rn2w0rsh1p” (Casper, WY USA)

Wow! The most superb study ever!
I have just about every “worship” study available on my bookshelves because of my role as a lead worshiper and on the worship team in our congregation. But for me in my personal study, brought more to the “meat” of the Word. In otherwords, 40+years of being raised in the church and as a missionary-preacher’s daughter, it even challenged me!
When I presented this study for approval at our church for an adult sunday school class, (that most of our worship team would be attending as well), it took us 9 months to finally get to bring it to the class and begin to teach.
We have had such fantastic, indepth discussions that we have been able to take our time in covering the chapters. It will take us more than 9 weeks to finish it, but the class group is okay with that because their hearts are ready to be really diligent and personally on their own reach into their minds to expand their knowledge. They are hungry for it.

The age range of our group is 75+ to 24, and so you can imagine the “traditional worship” vs. the “contemporary worship” mindset that brings that dynamic into the study as well.
It has challenged everyone in the group, has brought so much more into theirs & our lives.
I would strongly urge all who bring this study to the group to also get the dvd that goes with it, and also do the group “openers” that are listed in the back of the book, as well as invest in the leader’s “review” of the week questions. All of which are sold separately and you can obtain from the Author’s website.
I would strongly recommend that there be sold as a package deal a separate “leaders” guide & dvd set be made available for “church” or small group study situations. Having to buy them separately put us behind a week, because I didn’t know they were available yet, until I researched the Author’s website that was originally promoting this study.
Be Blessed in your Praise!

Excellent Worship Team Resource

By Joy Freed

Our church purchased this book for our two Praise Teams to read. It was excellent so practical and helpful to me as a Worship Leader. Dwayne’s insights into worship have transformed the worship mindset at our church. I would highly recommend this book to Worship Leaders, Pastors, Worship Team Members and anyone who wants to grow in their own private worship with God. I can’t wait to read Dwayne’s new book!

a MUST for Worship Leaders

By Cynthia Cullen (Hilton Head Island, SC)

I did this study on my own this year. The personal refreshment that is brought to my own life as a worship leader was amazing. I plan on doing this study with my team very soon. As worship leaders, we all need to be reminded and brought back to center on the why and what of our calling. This book brought that out of my life and my walk with God. A great personal resource as well as a perfect study for your team. Can’t wait to do it with the entire group!

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