Part 4, Customer Reviews of Pure Praise Devotional Study

Life-changing Resource, July 29, 2009

By C. Wiens

I have finished going through Dwayne Moore’s Pure Praise and can’t say enough of what it has done for me as a choir director, worship team participant and sometimes worship leader. I gave a copy to our worship pastor and we will be going through this study with our teams, and perhaps our choir as well. This is an excellent, practical, well thought out study of praise and our role as leaders and partipants. It will absolutely impact your praise and worship life with our Heavenly Father. I like the way Dwayne leads you through the study with thoughts, his own experience, scripture and then practical “hands on” application as he challenges readers to broaden their worship language.

Great for worship teams, July 29, 2009

By Sydney Sheridan

I originally received “Pure Praise” as a pre-release download and have been using it for a devotional tool with our worship team. The studies are right on, relevant, and helpful to center everyone on the reason we do what we do…especially because of the insights into who and Who’s we are. Thank you for this great resource. I would recommend it to everyone, whether they are actually involved in leading worship or not.

A great devotional for all ministries in the church, July 29, 2009

By R. Villa (San Antonio, TX)

I met Dwayne Moore at a National Worship Leaders Conference in Austin, TX. After hearing him teach on the subject of worship and sensing the passion with which he taught, I knew I had to pick up his new book when it came out. Sure enough, I was not dissapointed. We took our team through this book, and in a matter of three months we could look back and see how much each musician and singer had grown in their walk with Christ and in their view of and approach to worship.
The format is easy to follow. I read it each morning before heading out to work together with text referenced. Each morning it provided the perfect segway into my prayer time.
Because it is set up for nine weeks, we were able to use it as a tool for people who were looking to join the team. It helped lay a good foundation of worship, and we were confident that we were not rushing to add someone to the team simply because of their musical ability. It also gave us a chance to bond with them and each other as we discussed some of the content of the book and how it affected our daily walk and worship to God.
I totally recommend this book to any leader of any ministry. It goes beyond teaching musicians about worship. It would be good for men, women, teens, and other ministries in the church. How great it would be if everyone in the church, not only the “worship team,” could experience deeper and more meaningful worship than what is expressed on Sunday morning.

great for leaders!, July 29, 2009

By Rebekah Hall (Winnipeg, MB CANADA)

I stumbled across this book when looking for resources for training worship leaders. I passionately wanted to convey the need for not only for leadership and musical skills, but a life marked by worship. Pure Praise sang that message loud and clear! We did this study a little differently than recommended, only because it was meant for more in depth study. Each of the members of our group worked through a chapter in advance and we discussed a selected number of questions and read the scriptures together. What a precious time of worship this became! As the Worship Director at our church, I plan on using the material again, this time for the worship teams, using the discussion section at the back.

If you’re looking for a way to bring into focus the purpose and centre of our worship, as well as draw you team more closely together, READ THIS BOOK! 🙂

Empowered to Worship Deeper through ‘Pure Praise’ by Dwayne Moore, July 29, 2009

By Heather Eddy

Moore is right on scripturally and artistically. His words and compelling wisdom have deepened my worship, leadership, and relationship with Christ. This is a fantastic personal leadership study, as well as a group study. My team is beginning it now and I am confident it will have all of our hearts focused on the right things as we worship and lead our congregation. My highest recommendation for people who want to worship deeper, live bigger, and love louder!

Heather Eddy
Worship Director
Faith Bible Chapel
Carr St. Campus
Arvada, CO

one of the greatest discipleship materials for musicians, July 29, 2009

By K. A. Jones (Dallas TX)

I took 12 weeks with my adult choir, praise band, and tech team to go through this book. I have found that the worship in our church has changed because of the worship leading hearts of my choir and musicians. For a church that has seen it’s fair share of struggling through the worship wars, I can attest that God is being glorified and exalted in all styles of music at our church. Understanding the principles in Dwayne Moore’s book has helped unify my choir for a single purpose and the amount of struggle we once went through has faded significantly. As a young minister in an older congregation, I have discovered that implementing this book has been extremely useful and helpful. I first heard of this book through one of my seminary professors, Gordon Borror. After the first week of the study with my choir I immediately referred the book to the other students. For my group, we began the study during a choir retreat and set aside 30 minutes of rehearsal time weekly to discuss the book. I know that sounds like a lot of energy, put God surely blessed it. Please consider utilizing this as a resource in your ministry. In the fall, I am planning on using the study church wide teaching a discipline class to non musicians about worship. Thanks Dwayne for this God inspired book.

What Is Worship?, July 29, 2009

By Jennifer D. Hudson (Arlington, WA)

What is worship? That is a question that Dwayne Moore helps to answer in Pure Praise. Mr. Moore takes you through what worship is, how we worship and why we need to worship in a 9 week bible study that will rock your socks off.

I was fortunate to be able to go through Pure Praise in an online bible study with worship leaders from around the country, and that only deepened the experience of this book for me. I have since gone through this study personally and started it with our worship band, and we are all drawing closer to God – and getting rid of those pre-conceived notions that “worship” is just something that starts a service on Sunday mornings.

If you are a person who believes in Jesus Christ, you need to read this book! It is not just for those in the worship ministry – it is for everyone who is a child of God.

Great resource for your whole worship team!, July 29, 2009

By Jerry D. Thomason “jr.bean” (Charleston, IL USA)

I ran across this book on a worship leaders forum, and purchased several copies for our team. Several of the musicians on our worship team decided to work through this nine week study, and I have heard nothing but positive results. Some of the results have been so personal in the lives of those who read, I don’t even feel at liberty to write them here.

Having been involved in leading worship for over two decades, I anticipated that the book would offer some fresh ideas for use on Sunday mornings. However, this book goes much, much deeper than that. It relies heavily on scripture, and therefore I found myself examining my own thoughts and motives. The study has caused me to look deeper into myself than any study I can recently recall.

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