Hey everyone, I thought you might enjoy this entry in my Quiet Time Journal from my devotion this morning. I am going through 1 Corinthians. Today’s passage was 12:4-6. The theme of today’s quiet time study is that the same God works through each of our individual gifts to accomplish His purpose. An excerpt is below. Thanks! ~ Dwayne

What God said to me: You cannot please me more than to do what I have gifted you and intended for you to do. Man looks at various ministries and automatically assumes one is more important and more blessed than another. An evangelist may see thousands come to Christ while a faithful missionary may only see a few respond to his message. One pastor may see hundreds added to his congregation while another pastor – who is just as creative and full of faith – may see a fraction of that numerical growth. Jesus expressed this principle and reality in the parable of the sower. Some who sowed seeds saw a harvest of a hundredfold, but others saw only sixty or even thirtyfold. You see, Dwayne, in my economy, I do not determine your success based on your success in human terms of results. Click here to read this entire devotional entry.