God Wants To Give Praise To Us

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Excerpt from Think Right About Heaven’s Praise

By Dwayne Moore

Rewards await God’s children. And God desires to praise us for our work on earth…

How do those statements make you feel? Do they make you feel uncomfortable? Do you tend to cringe just a bit anytime you hear about rewards and crowns, which believers can receive in heaven? Or do you just turn a deaf ear to such teaching? Do you think, “Why bother focusing on something I don’t deserve and can’t be reasonably sure I’ll obtain”?

If so, you are not alone.

It seems that most Christians would rather be preoccupied with pressing matters at hand than to look ahead to potential rewards in the “sweet by and by.” Perhaps that is why there are so few books that teach us how we can hear praise from God once we finish our time on earth. It is almost as though we have resigned ourselves to walk through this life the best we know how and hope we come out alright with God in the end. Many believers feel completely unworthy and quite unlikely to get Jesus’ stamp of ultimate approval: those famous words, “Well done.”

But we should not feel unworthy to hear those words. Through Jesus’ blood and power we are made worthy and able to do what He’s called us to do! And we should not feel guilty for wanting Christ to commend us for the time we’ve invested here below.

In fact, we should try to do whatever it takes to someday receive His praise. Why? Because our precious Lord deserves to be able to give it to us…

(c) 2009 Dwayne Moore

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