Forgotten How Worthless People Can Feel without Christ? Watch This Video

Just watched a video by Dodie. Haven’t heard of her? Chances are your kids or grandkids have. She’s a teenage music artist whose popularity is soaring on YouTube.

A friend of mine is a music teacher. She shared the music video below on Facebook because one of her teenage voice students chose this song to sing. Apparently there are a lot of people who feel this way. Take a moment and read down through the comments on this video. Many of the comments say they “connected” with they words Dodie wrote and that they “cried” when they watched the video.

One girl wrote, “Every second of this is so freaking relatable for me…I know exactly how this feels. The song…really explained my thoughts about me and at the moment I have a lot more of these thoughts than usually. It’s comforting to see others feel the same.”

The song begins with these lyrics:

I feel like a six out of ten
I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow again
What goes on behind the words?
Is there pity for the plain girl?
Can you see the panic inside?

I think we need to stop and watch videos like the one below and read lyrics of songs from secular artists from time to time, to remind us of the hopelessness, emptiness and worthlessness people can feel who do not know Christ. Jesus came to give us life and hope. He loves us and gives us a purpose for living. People who don’t have Christ in their lives don’t have this sense of hope and worth.

In this song, Dodie asks, “Can you see the panic inside?” I think that many of us, myself included, don’t stop long enough at times to sense what people may be feeling. Have we as church leaders and Christians forgotten what it feels like to be lost and without hope? Watch this video to be uncomfortably reminded!



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