Worship Ministry Values

These were taken from our Worship Ministry Blueprints that Dwayne developed while he was serving as worship pastor at a large church in Louisville. Each year we would choose 2 or 3 values we needed to work on and live out better. Admittedly, we did better with some than others!

We value authentic and engaging praise (Psalm 40:3)​.​ Therefore we…

  • Take time to grow together as worshipers
  • Strive to ​memorize and ​internalize our music
  • Evaluate how well we engage and lead
  • Put our songs in singable keys
  • Prioritize congregational singing over band playing

We value musical excellence and creativity (Psalm 33:3)​.​ Therefore we…

  • Plan and rehearse weeks in advance
  • Play with a click on most songs
  • Use a loop on some songs
  • Create our own arrangements of some songs
  • Feature songs we write from time to time

We value Spirit-led spontaneity and flexibility (Proverbs 16:9)​.​ Therefore we…

  • Allow ​the ​QB​ (quarterback)​ on stage to make final call for what actually occurs
  • Strive to anticipate possible changes and prepare when possible

We value diversity of music and leaders on the platform (Romans 12:10)​.​ Therefore we…

  • Mix up choir leading, ensembles leading, and individuals leading
  • Play/sing various styles of music
  • Have a creative and unusual service ​each mont​​​​h​​

​We value a heart for souls and missional worship (1 Peter 2:9).​Therefore we…

  • Encourage and teach personal evangelism to our teams
  • Take our music and teams outside our walls to our community
  • Expect our worship leaders to grow in personal holiness and love for God & others

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