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Worship: What Christians Should Aim For Every Day (Repost)

by Next Level Worship

Have you ever felt like you’ve been wandering through life, not quite knowing what exactly God’s expecting from you? Sadly, many in God’s family spend much of their lives this way. They walk around with an I-hope-so approach to the Christian life—they hope they’re in God’s will, or hope they’re doing what is best and right. Many eventually become discouraged and quit even trying. This article shows us the best target for us to aim for each day.

How Can We Know If The Congregation Is Really Worshiping?

by Dwayne Moore

How can we know if our congregation is really worshiping?

To find the answer to that question, first we need understand the 4 stages of congregational worship. Everyone in our congregation is in one or more of these stages. The stages are progressive: one stage leads to the next that leads to the next. In this episode of Worship Q&A Dwayne Moore unpacks those 4 stages and explains how we can help move our congregations forward in worship.

Part 2: When It’s Time to Leave Your Church Ministry Position

by Dwayne Moore

Knowing when it’s time to leave a church ministry position usually starts with one of two things. In this episode, Dwayne Moore looks a way God often gets our attention at times–through circumstances around us. He says, “Perhaps your recent circumstances are God’s way of saying it’s time for you to leave, to step out on faith, and see where He will take you next.”

Part 1: When It’s Time to Leave Your Church Ministry Position

by Dwayne Moore

In this episode Dwayne Moore looks closely at inner restlessness. As leaders in the church, we’ve probably all experienced some restlessness at times. Knowing when it’s time to leave usually comes down to one of two things: 1. Restlessness inside us or 2. Circumstances around us. God has uses both of these as signs to help get our attention when He’s preparing me for a change in ministry assignment.

Worship Is More than Music

by Dawn Kelley

Our motto at Next Level Worship is “More Than Music.” I love those 3 words because they encapsulate the core message of our ministry. Simply put, our team at Next Level Worship International believes and teaches that worship is more than just music.  If you’re a worship leader, pastor, or paid servant of the local…


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