From time to time, I’m asked how I go about planning for a worship gathering – or service, as it is often called. Below are some simple steps and elements to consider. Please remember that in most cases it is best to involve a team of trusted staff and volunteers, rather than one person planning everything.

*Worship Gathering Planning Worksheet

Date of Gathering/Service: ___________________________

Pre-Planning Considerations (should be done several days in advance if possible)

      Surrender (“Lord, this is your service…”)          

      Wisdom & Help (James 1:5)

      Needs (specific for people, church, music ministry)

      Verses/Scriptural principles and promises

      Songs & other worship tools (as the Lord brings them to mind)

>>>Planned Spontenaity
      Brain-storming Impressions/Creative Ideas

      Rough Draft (Consider theme/flow/dynamics/keys/varying elements)

      Preparation Steps

      Prayer of Surrender (“Lord, this is your service…”)

>>>Power of the Spirit
      Personal preparation

      Claim His filling & flowing

>>>Pastoral Direction
      Lead Pastor’s thoughts/input/vision

      Lead Pastor’s part in service (can be visible or non-visible)

Final planned order (with worship leader and lead pastor’s agreement)

Preparations (What needs rehearsing; What resources need to be in place?)

Communication to all involved (Who needs planned order/assignments/explanations and by when?)

Evaluation of Gathering (flow/response/goals reached/improvements to make)

*Based on the 5 Necessary Elements of an Effective Worship Service from Week 5 of my worship study, Praise More Powerful: Insights to Help Transform Our Worship