Gotta Have Accountability!

I am thankful for my accountability partners, John, Scott, Ken and my wife, Sonia. Because I am often alone in my studio/study with my computer, I have to be extra careful about what I browse on the internet. That is why each week my accountability partners receive a report from that shows them exactly what websites I have viewed over the past week. This is also good for helping me “live above reproach” in case anyone ever questions my online activities.
We know Satan hates worship of our Lord, right? Of course he does! When we focus our thoughts, affections and praise on the one true God Satan’s entire plan to knock us down and defeat us is undermined and thwarted! We see him as the liar he is and we see God as the Lord and worthy Maker that he is!
For those of us who help lead others in praise the powers of darkness are even more determined to bring us down. He hates it when we stand and invite people to lift their voices and lives to God in true, Biblical worship. That is why as leaders and ambassadors in God’s Kingdom, we must have the help of fellow believers to hold us accountable and encourage us. Ecclesiastes reminds us, “A three strand cord is not easily broken.”
Who on this earth is holding you accountable? Ask the Lord to provide someone whom you can trust and who doesn’t mind asking you the “tough” questions!



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