Daily Audio Bible Podcast

Bible Lately I can hardly wait to go running my twenty minute jog. It’s not that I’m some exercise addict; rather I use that time to listen to Brian Harden’s Daily Audio Bible Podcast. Right now he’s reading from the Good News translation. A couple weeks ago it was the New Living Translation. He changes up which gives the passages a fresh perspective.

We’re reading now in Job and 2 Corinthians. Every day includes a couple verses out of Proverbs as well. Jesus said we are clean through the Word he has spoken to us. I promise you I feel like I’ve had a bath when I’ve finished listening each day! Brian even includes the sound of falling cleansing rain in the background as he reads!

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to his RSS feed. 22,000 already have! You can find it at www.dailyaudiobible.com

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