“Send Me” Becomes Theme Song for Botswanan Missionaries

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Last week’s mission trip to Botswana, Africa was absolutely incredible. I had the privilege to teach 100 Botswanan college-aged “evangelists-in-training” on worship and also to lead them in praise. Our song, Send Me, they have now embraced as their Face the Nation Theme Song for 2007 and beyond. I am greatly honored that our music could be used within such an amazing and historic move of God.

IMG_2908.JPGThose students sang with more passion and skill than anyone I have heard in a long time. Click the link at the top of this article to listen to the live recording of our song, Send Me, during one of our morning teaching sessions last week. These guys and gals sound fantastic!

How “Send Me” Was Written

I have never had a song “come to me” like Send Me did. A pastor from Africa was preaching at our former church a few months ago. Our pastor stood up after the African guest had finished preaching and said, “Church, here is the invitation, ‘Lord, send me.'” I was sitting at the piano trying to think of a song to play and sing that went along with that theme. Surprisingly, nothing came to mind! Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “Dwayne, just open your mouth and start to sing. I will give you the words and the melody as you go along.” (Needless to say, I had a little talk with the Lord there at the piano expressing my disagreements with His directive!) But, sure enough, as I began to sing, out came this song!

About the Botswana Trip

I cannot begin to adequately report how God’s hand is moving in and through Open Baptist Church to literally impact their entire country with the message of abstinence and hope in Jesus Christ. Botswana has the world’s second lowest life expectancy (only 39 years of age). This is largely due to the pandemic outbreak of the HIV virus. The Botswanan Ministry of Education has invited Open Baptist Church to go into all 27 high schools to present the Gospel! Wow! They have already seen some 1700 come to Christ! This is an evangelistic effort OBC is calling, “Face the Nation.”


  • David Sanford


    I just finished listening to “Send Me.” It’s the most powerful new praise song I’ve heard this year. Incredibly moving. Thank you so much for obeying the Lord’s promptings! And what an exciting opportunity to touch the world for His glory…

  • Olda

    What a delight to hear the voices of the “evangelists in training” singing along with you, Dwayne. Thank you for answering God’s call to reach future worship leaders in Botswana.

  • Michael Beirwagen

    Powerfully led by the Holy Spirit. This song has the potential of stirring hearts for ministry. Great “catch” Dwayne!

  • Barry E. LaDuke

    This is the type of worship that fills the heart with the Spirit of God as much as the lungs fill with air to belt out the song.
    I expect we’ll be singing it soon at our local church (right Michael Beirwagen?)!

  • rory

    From an email…

    Thanks for sharing your song… What a nice way to start my morning. I like it a lot. That must have been a special ministry moment when it all came together. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to tell you about getting it “out there.” It’s such a hit and miss proposition. You probably already know about Worship Leader’s Song Discovery; that might be a viable option for you. Follow whatever leads you have and if the Lord wants your song to have a life outside your own ministry, it’ll certainly happen. But I know you already know that.

    Rory Noland

  • Rebecca

    “Send Me” is the most convicting song I have had the privilege of singing at my home church! I honestly have to pray for the Lord to give me the hunger and passion for the lost everytime I hear it! I want to want Him to send me! Thanks so much Dwayne for hearing His voice and responding with a “Yes, Lord”.

  • calvin

    i think your worship songs is alsome, it really put you in the heavens.

  • Administrator

    Thanks everybody who has commented and sent emails about Send Me! If anyone needs a chord chart, please email me and I’ll be glad to send you one.

    It’s exciting to see God’s hand on something like it is on this song. My prayer is that He will use it when and wherever it can make an impact and encourage people to surrender to go. That is, afterall, the most natural and reasonable response to worship. Like Isaiah in Isaiah 6, we should willfully and enthusiastically volunteer to go and tell once we’ve experienced true worship of our awesome God! – Dwayne

  • Bill Compton

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  • ratie

    as one of the volunteers,this was truelly a phenomenal time for us all-spiritually and otherwise!!

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