Christians Should Be Drawn, Not Driven

Last night I ate dinner with an evangelist friend on mine. In a somber and convincing tone he shared with me how at one point he had to leave the ministry for a while. He had become so driven to perform and “minister” at his church that he burned himself out and almost lost his family.

Over the years I’ve heard that same kind of story many, many times. And I’ve had personal friends who started their ministries with pure passion and love for the Lord. But somehow along the way they became more consumed with serving their ministry rather than their Savior. I’ve been tempted to fall into that trap a few times in my life as well. Pastors, worship leaders and church members alike can fall victim to thinking their “success” in life is dependant on how self-motivated they are, on how hard they push to reach their noble goals. Somehow we tend to think we need to be more “driven” for the Lord and His work.

However, at a retreat I recently attended, Dr. John Corts, long time COO of the Billy Graham Association, said something that grabbed my attention. He said, “Christians aren’t meant to be driven. We are drawn.” He went on to explain that what lies ahead for the believer should pull him toward heaven and his Savior. We should not have to be pushed and prodded every week. In fact, if we constantly need “motivating” and propping up just to get us to do what we’re called to do, then we’ve lost sight of heaven’s splendor. The Israelite warriors in 2 Chronicles 20 didn’t need someone standing behind them urging them to head back to Jerusalem from the battle field. They went “joyfully.” And when they came into town, they didn’t go first to their homes. They went straight to the Temple. They were drawn to it. Why? – because their first priority and first love was their Lord.

No one has to tell a young man in love that he needs to call his girl and go see her. Likewise, when we fall “head over heels” in love with Jesus, no one has to tell us to set our sights on Him and talk to Him every chance we get. Only those who have left their “first love” (See Revelation 2:4) would no longer be interested in focusing on the most beautiful One of all, our Lord and Savior, Master Jesus…

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