Authentic African Acapella Worship!

Pure and refreshing! bottled water.jpgThat’s what these 10 worship songs are! We recorded these songs while in Botswana a couple weeks ago. We simply sat a stereo mic in the middle of 100 students during their morning praise times at the Face the Nation School of Discipleship. These songs were not rehearsed or polished, and these beautiful voices are not part of an auditioned and practiced choir. This recording captures the pure and refreshing spontaneity and joy that flowed during worship moments from these amazingly talented and God-loving students.

Go here to read our post about what God is doing through these college students to change the course of Botswana.

To listen to these 10 songs we have posted, please…

NOTE: You will need Flash in order to hear these songs. We Bless Your Name Hosan Joko Yah Yoho Amen Ulefeke Yah Lift Him Higher Jeke Lele Juswan (Jesus, We Love You) Send Me (by Dwayne Moore) Spontaneous Extended Worship Time


  • Larry Wright


    We met in Johannsburg…I was @ week 1 of FTN. How can I get a copy of these worship songs? They make me homesick for the students!!!


  • Administrator

    Hey Larry! I enjoyed our brief meeting in the airport! The week with those students was amazing! Those students are amazing! They are passionate for the Lord and for the lost. My understanding is that OBC is making a CD from the songs I recorded. If so Ken is going to bring some back with him when he returns end of June. If not, I will be glad to record you one.


  • Sam Stack

    Thanks for including these recordings here. As I am listening to them,they are truly a blessing. What an awesome time it must have been as live!!


  • mark ellis

    I’m looking for indigenous worship music from Botswana to feature on a website I’m developing called Godreports. Let me know if you have any mp3 files you could email me for the website, or an existing website we could link to.
    Blessings in Christ,

    Mark Ellis

  • ratie

    This is just awesome!it just takes me back..Dwayne,we sure had a wonderfull time with you!

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