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Many thanks to Julie Reid and the gang at Worship Leader for the great review of our ministry in both their July/August and their September editions of Worship Leader Magazine! Wow, this is certainly a pleasant surprise! We love and appreciate the Worship Leader staff for their tireless and ever-creative efforts to enhance and encourage worship and worship leaders. To them, we say, “Keep up the great work, guys!”

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Below is an excerpt from the review of NLW in the Worship Tools section of this month’s Worship Leader Magazine:


Dwayne Moore is a seasoned veteran in the worship community who now offers discipleship resources to the church at large through this site. Through his years as the worship leader for Scott Dawson, Dwayne worked to create musically adept teams for the various festivals, crusades, and conferences that Scott produced. Dwayne’s knowledge is now available via Next Level Worship through his 30 Days of Praise series as well as his many audio teaching courses on honoring God and staying fresh. For a biblical perspective on worship, he delivers an in-depth look at topics as diverse as American Idol…This site can appear immense, but a few moments of scouring will lead to many nuggets well worth the search. In fact, just the blog is worthy of a visit each morning for a fresh look at the service of worship.

Excerpt is Copyright 2008 by Worship Leader, Inc. Reprinted by permission.

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