Rick Warren on Leadership in Worship

This is the final post of my series from Rick Warren’s teaching during our Worship Influencers’ Retreat. (See Rick Warren on Worship Leaders for more details and explanation.)

Rick Warren on Leadership in Worship

When you tell them to sing louder, you’re cheerleading them. That’s not leading. When we sing with passion, that’s what’s contagious.

Saying I love to lead worship doesn’t impress me. Do you love the people you’re leading? 100% of leadership is authenticity and modeling.

3 times Paul said “Follow me as I follow Christ.” People follow model. we always learn by example. If we can’t say “follow me” then get it together.

“More than music; we’re a family.” 100% relational. Learning to love God and others. Get that and you got it.


Worship and evangelism are twins. Misnomer about “seeker sensitive worship”. Lost can’t worship. worship should be understandable. Worship can be a witness.

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